What is LinguistLink?

LinguistLink is a website that makes communication and collaboration between managers and talent easy. The LinguistLink website opens the door to ask questions, assign projects, or engage directly with language professionals for any reason. 


Who is LinguistLink for?

LinguistLink is a powerful resource for anyone creating a project or product with a mutli-lingual client base. Having direct access to the customer experience in any language early in the product cycle saves on cost and user satisfaction. The LinguistLink may be used by Translation Agencies, Marketing Agencies, App Developers, Software Developers, Technology Companies, Health Care Companies, and more.

How does LinguistLink Work?

The LinguistLink has a simple user interface for its users. Log in and you can search talent profiles by service. Once the talent has been identified, engage directly by sending them a message as a "conversation". Once a conversation has been started, the talent will respond directly to you. 

You can add multiple linguists to a conversation. Each conversation will create a notification that will go out to everyone assigned. Team members can also talk to and support each other, allowing for collaboration and 'teamwork'.

How are the Linguists qualified?

The talent in the LinguistLink will be qualified by our recruiting staff according to their role. For a general Linguist, the following qualifications apply:

  • Native-level language ability in primary language.
  • Strong English language abilities.
  • Experience successfully working on at least one project for Mindlink (or equivalent company).
  • For US-based linguists, they must have a legal work permit.

What is included in the subscription?

The monthly subscription includes the connections to specific talent. The subscription rates do not include the time and materials fees. Contract with the linguists directly or work with Mindlink to provide reasonable rates for contracting with the team.

Can I negotiate the rate?

Hourly rates are somewhat negotiable depending on the specific task. If you would like to negotatiate the rate, start a conversation with the Admin. Please do not attempt to negotiate rates with the linguists directly.

Can the talent go onsite?

Most of our talent are US-based, and many are located in the Pacific Northwest. You may certainly ask the talent to go to your site for an on-site review. For Mindlink contractors, there will be minimum charge for on-site work of 2 hours.

What if I want to hire the talent directly?

We know our talent is good! So, it would make sense that you might find a potential employee to add to your team in the mix. If you want to hire talent directly, let us know. We can usually release someone for hire once they have worked 480 hours as a contractor, or you may opt to pay a reasonable fee.